By Jean A. Flanagan Moorefield Examiner “Jurys often get verdicts wrong,” said attorney Jason Gaines. “And in this case, they got this one very wrong.” Gaines, who represents Moorefield resident Angel Stump, filed a motion in Hardy County Circuit Court last week for a directed verdict or a new trail.Continue Reading

By Jean A. Flanagan Moorefield Examiner Attorneys painted two very different pictures of Jeremiah M. Brown Jr. in court on Wednesday. Brown, 22, of St. Thomas, Pa., was sentenced on one count of sexual assault by a custodian, two counts of third degree sexual assault and two counts of solicitingContinue Reading

Choosy, a character developed to teach kids to make healthy choices, visited Hardy County during National School Breakfast Week, March 4 – 8. Choosy encourages kids to eat healthy and exercise, with a series of fun songs about fruits and vegetables that also includes lots of movement. Choosy visited HardyContinue Reading

By Jean A. Flanagan Moorefield Examiner “For every person counted, the state of West Virginia is allocated $2,755. If 10 or 20 people are not counted, you can see how quickly that amount multiplies.” Steven Swingle, partnership specialists with the U.S. Census Bureau made a presentation to the Hardy CountyContinue Reading