Baker Water Project Nears Completion

“Everyone in Ft. Run, Dover Hollow and Killdeer Lane has access to public water,” said Logan Moyers, executive director of the Hardy County Public Service District. “Not everyone has hooked up yet, but they all have access.”

The PSD Board of Directors met on Wednesday, Sept. 2, in person and via teleconference.

“This contract is substantially complete,” Moyes told the board. “We are very pleased with the work that was done. The project went as smoothly as we could have hoped.”

Chojnacki Construction, of Hamlin, was the contractor that installed water service in the Ft. Run and Dover Hollow communities, as well as fire service lines on Trough Road and a replacement water line on Trout Run Road. The water lines are part of a larger project that includes a raw water filtration system at the Baker water treatment facility.

Fire hydrants will be installed on Trough Road in the near future. “There will be six hydrants where there used to be none,” Moyers said.

Moyers requested the board approve a change order to return $39,912.50 that was not spent on the water line project. “This will go into the contingency fund and when the entire project is complete, we will request the money be spent,” he said.

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