BOE Approves Contract to Provide Students with MacBooks

By Lon Anderson
Moorefield Examiner

For the Hardy County Board of Education, change was in the air at its meeting July 6 with lots of “new” on the agenda: a new fiscal year, with new members to be added and new officers to be selected; a new contract to be approved to provide computers to students, and a reorganization of teaching “blocks” for the school year, all to gear-up for extraordinary challenges this fall.

Raising their right hands and swearing to give it their best after winning the election in May were current Board President Nancy Hahn (re-elected), and newly-elected Janet Clayton Rose.

In what she declared to be her last official business as President, Hahn nominated Doug Hines, currently serving as Board Vice President, to be President. Hines then nominated Board member Melvin Shook to be Vice President. Both were then elected unanimously.

With the new leadership in place, the Board launched into a full agenda mostly involving preparation for the fall term with a range of daunting new challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Trying to ensure there is education for all — whether in the classroom or virtual, and likely some of both — clearly poses enormous new challenges, such as how to get the faculty trained for virtual teaching, and getting all

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