October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and normally Hardy County’s breast cancer survivors and caregivers would gather at Love Memorial Clinic in Moorefield to celebrate life and, at the same time, remember those who lost the battle with the dreaded disease.  Not so this year. COVID-19 has forced a changeContinue Reading

As of Monday, Oct. 5, four people associated with Moorefield High School have tested positive for COVID-19 and school remains closed through Friday, Oct. 9. Students are to continue with Remote Learning and staff not under quarantine are to report to school. “We have been given clearance for athletic practicesContinue Reading

In an effort to inform our readers of the candidates for local office and their positions on specific issues, the Moorefield Examiner presents a side-by-side, question-and-answer discussion with the candidates for Hardy County Commissioner.  Both candidates were sent the same questions and both responded in person. We begin with aContinue Reading

An individual associated with Moorefield High School and the MHS football team tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, Sept. 23. As a result, MHS was closed for two days and all athletic practices and events were cancelled. A notice from Hardy County Schools Superintendent Sheena VanMeter was sent to families,Continue Reading

From Sept. 8 until Sept. 23, there had only been two positive COVID-19 test results for people associated with Hardy County Schools. On Sept. 23, there was a third. The first positive test relating to the school system was on Sept. 13 at Moorefield High School, the other on Sept.Continue Reading

Although the subject of the 2020 Heritage Weekend Tile – the Buena Vista Barn – is not open for tours, the tile is available at the Hardy County Public Library. “We didn’t want to have a break in the series,” said Heritage Weekend Coordinator Ashley Anderson.  This year’s tile was drawnContinue Reading

\Hardy County Health Department Administrator Bill Ours had the grim chore of recording Hardy County’s first COVID-19-related death. A 48-year-old man succumbed to the virus last week. “When you look at social media, people still think this is a hoax,” Ours said. “Hopefully this will be a wake-up call, aContinue Reading

Driving through Moorefield won’t get easier any time soon. The West Virginia Department of Highways started the first of four contracts last week involving Main Street. The contract involves upgrading and extending a drain line from Moorefield High School to Spring Avenue.  The second contract, currently set to start inContinue Reading

The Hardy County Emergency Ambulance Authority Board of Directors approved the purchase of three wifi modems that will enable information to be transmitted directly to the hospital. The board met on Wednesday, Sept. 16. “I am amazed that we are not doing this already,” said Board member Doug Coffman. TheContinue Reading

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my 65 years,” said Albert Strawderman of Mathias. For the second time this year, Strawderman’s chestnut tree is blooming and producing fruit. “It’s the crazy weather,” he said. According to the American Chestnut Foundation, chestnut trees bloom between mid-June and mid-July. The flowersContinue Reading

The Internet hot spots made available to students in Hardy County Virtual School were the result of a collaboration between the school system and Hardy Telecommunications. Hardy County Schools identified areas where Internet service was needed, based on a student-parent survey. HardyTel determined the best place to install a hotContinue Reading

“People are not taking this seriously. People are not following the guidelines. People are not wearing masks.” William Ours, administrator of the Hardy County Health Department updated the Hardy County Commission on the status of COVID-19 cases in the county on Tuesday, Sept. 1. The news was not good. “BeginningContinue Reading

“Everyone in Ft. Run, Dover Hollow and Killdeer Lane has access to public water,” said Logan Moyers, executive director of the Hardy County Public Service District. “Not everyone has hooked up yet, but they all have access.” The PSD Board of Directors met on Wednesday, Sept. 2, in person andContinue Reading