Colasessano Pleads Guilty

Barbara Eaton doesn’t like the word “accident.”

“This was not an accident,” she said. “This could have been prevented.”

Eaton’s sister, Genevieve “Jenny” Eaton, 65, was killed on Labor Day 2019 while riding her bicycle on the South Fork River Bridge in Moorefield.

Adam P. Colasessano, 40, of Moorefield, pleaded guilty to two counts of a four-count indictment in Hardy County Circuit Court on Friday, March 20.

Colasessano pleaded guilty to one count of hit and run resulting in death and one count of driving while impaired causing death. The remaining charges, involuntary manslaughter and child neglect causing the risk of bodily injury, were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

According to charging documents, Colasessano was traveling south on U.S. Route 220, when he struck Eaton. He continued on a short distance and hit a tree in front of a residence. A witness identified a red Chevrolet Silverado leaving the scene at a high rate of speed.

Colasessano was arrested near the Gap Bridge on U.S. Route 220 South. Law enforcement found cans of air duster in the vehicle. Air duster is used to clean electronic equipment.

Later, Colasessano admitted to “huffing” the air duster. He said it enabled

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The penalty for hit and run resulting in death is not less than one year and not more than five years.