Colessano Sentenced For Horrific Crash

Genevieve ‘Jenny’ Eaton

Genevieve ‘Jenny’ Eaton started out on the morning of Sept. 2, 2019 with a bike ride. She was an active person. She love to ride her bicycle, she loved to walk and hike. On the morning of Sept. 2, she rode her bike south on US Route 220.

Adam Colessano started out the morning of Sept. 2, 2019 going to pick up his son to go fishing. But Colessano made a stop on his way. He stopped to “huff” air duster, the kind used to clean computer equipment, to get high. After he got high, he drove south on Route 220.

Colessano killed Jenny Eaton on the South Fork Potomac River Bridge. He didn’t stop. He proceeded to hit a house about a quarter-mile down the road. He said he was reaching for his cell phone. He said he didn’t know he hit someone. He broke every bone in her body.

Adam Colessano

Colessano pleaded guilty to one count of driving in an impaired state resulting in death and one count of hit and run resulting in death. He was sentenced on Thursday, June 25 in Hardy County Circuit Court.

Prosecuting Attorney Lucas See said he used to be friends with Colessano.

“We used to hang out together,” he said. “Now I have to send him to the penitentiary.”

See asked Judge C. Carter Williams to read Jenny Eaton’s obituary, which he did.

“What an extraordinary woman,” See said. “I can only imagine that God needed Jenny in heaven more than he needed her here on earth.

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