Commissioners Table Vote on Ambulance Levy

By Jean A. Flanagan
Moorefield Examiner

Citing the absence of Commissioner Harold Michael for health reasons, the Hardy County Commission tabled a vote on including an emergency ambulance levy on the November ballot.

The commission met on Tuesday, July 3.

The levy being considered would raise $1.2 million per year for the Hardy County Emergency Ambulance Authority. It would increase Class I taxes by $0.0469, Class II taxes by $0.0938 and Class III and IV by $0.1876.
If approved by 60 percent of the voters, it would remain in effect for five years.

“Most people I’ve talked to don’t mind paying a bill, but they don’t want to pay too much and have the money just sitting in an account somewhere,” said Commission President William “JR” Keplinger. “If you consider the amount we’re collecting now, if we collected 100 percent it would be $890,000, which does not include businesses. The budget seems to work now.”

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