County Commission Lays the Levy

The Hardy County Commission met in special session on Thursday, June 25 to lay the levy and received an update on the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to Hardy County from Hardy County Health Department Administrator Bill Ours.

The levy is assessed for every $100 of property value as follows:

Class I $14.30/$100

Class II $28.60/$100

Class III $57.20/$100

Class IV $57.20/$100

There is no Class I property.

Class II is owner-occupied, rental and farm property.

Class III is real and personal property outside municipalities, other than Class II.

Class IV is real and personal property inside of municipalities other than Class II.

COVID Update

Ours said the county has 41 total cumulative positive tests. Of those, 37 have recovered, two are in the hospital, three are recovering at home and one probable case.

“The probable case is because the person is exhibiting symptoms, but refuses to be tested for COVID,” Ours said.

“I have several concerns about the 4th of July, about the tent revivals in the park, and about people coming back from the beach, specifically Myrtle Beach.”

Ours said people’s reaction to the corona virus is like that of a car accident.

“If we loose a kid in a car wreck with drunk driving involved, the kids will straighten up and do the right thing for awhile,” he said. “Then, as time goes on, they forget and go back to their old behavior.

“That’s what we’re seeing with COVID. People don’t think it’s here. Only about 20 percent wear masks and I don’t know how to get them to listen.”

While West Virginia, nor Hardy County has a mask mandate, health professionals on every level strongly recommend people wear some kind of face covering when in public places.

Ours also said his office is dealing with some of the politics in state government.

“We got the word from the Governor’s office, and he said it on television during his daily briefing, ‘No Proms,’” Ours said. “Then someone gets mad and calls the governor’s office to complain and they say it’s up to the local health departments.”

Ours said one of the good things about Hardy County is the geography makes it easy to social distance.

Thank You

The commissioners signed a letter of thanks to Gerald Smith for the use of his emergency trailer. The trailer featured remote computer and telephone access.

While the trailer was never used, it was available in case the courthouse had to be closed for an extended period of time.

The next regular meeting of the Hardy County Commission will be held on Tuesday, July 7 at 9 a.m. Anyone wishing to be included on the agenda should contact the County Clerk’s office at 304-530-0250.