County GIS Board Holds First Meeting, Agrees on Basic Directions, Action Plan

By Lon Anderson
Moorefield Examiner

A new chapter in the management of Hardy County’s GIS system began on December 18 when the County’s newly constituted GIS Board held its first meeting in the County Planning Office.

GIS, which stands for geographic information systems, is a key management tool that will be assisting many of the County offices to more efficiently achieving their missions. GIS is a high-tech system for managing data that’s related to locations. More specifically, the program creates maps with a great deal of detail on a variety of subjects that allow users to manipulate, analyze and store that data in ways that best serve their purposes.

When an ambulance driver needs to get to an address quickly, or when the Planning Office wants to see how tracts of land are zoned in a given area, or the Tax Assessor needs data concerning property taxes, they’ll turn to the GIS system for the information.

County leaders think the system is so important that in October the County Commission passed a resolution creating the GIS Board to oversee its management and use. So, the December meeting of the Board was its first, and those around the table spent much of the meeting working on how best to get organized and move forward.

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