Delegate Isaac Sponaugle Seeks Attorney General’s Office

Delegate Isaac Sponaugle announced that he is a candidate for Attorney General of West Virginia. 

“I’ve worked hard during my legislative career fighting for all West Virginians,” Sponaugle said. “I’ve sponsored and supported bills that have become law, which benefit the working people of this state. Likewise, I have fought vigorously against bills by the corrupt special interests that attack West Virginians’ healthcare, wages, property and legal rights. I look forward to fighting on behalf of all the working people of this state every day in the courtroom.” 

Sponaugle has served as a member in the West Virginia House of Delegates since 2013. Sponaugle is the Deputy Minority Whip, a leadership role within the House of Delegates. Over his tenure as Delegate, he has served on the Committees of Agriculture; Banking and Insurance; Finance; Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services; Government Organization; House Rules; Judiciary; Natural Resources; Political Subdivisions; Roads and Transportation; and Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. Additionally, he had been previously appointed by the Speaker of the House of Delegates to serve on the Statewide Select Committees of the West Virginia Law Institute and on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals’ Community Supervision Committee. 

“I’m disgusted with Attorney General Patrick Morrisey worshipping out of state special interests,” Sponaugle said. “He wants to take West Virginians’ health insurance protections away for pre- existing conditions. This means if you had or get cancer, heart disease, a stroke, high blood pressure or diabetes, Morrisey wants to cancel your health insurance. Why? The health insurance industry can make hundreds of million dollars more a year in profit if he’s successful. That’s wrong and he needs to go.” 

“Morrisey and his family have made a fortune off Big Pharma at the expense of West Virginia,” Sponaugle said. “He banked money from Big Pharma in return for settling lawsuits for pennies on the dollar. This cost the state hundreds of million dollars. It’s so bad, that counties across the state are having to file their own suits to get more money from Big Pharma. Why? There aren’t enough pennies to hand out to all 55 counties due to Morrisey’s double-dealing settlements. That’s the very definition of a corrupt career politician and he needs to go.” 

Sponaugle and his wife, Tasha, are residents of Pendleton County. Sponaugle graduated from Franklin High School in 1997 and received a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with an emphasis in finance from West Virginia University School of Business and Economics in 2001. Sponaugle received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from West Virginia University School of Law in 2004. Sponaugle is a managing partner in the law firm of Sponaugle & Sponaugle, which is in Franklin, West Virginia. 

Sponaugle is a member of the West Virginia State Bar Association, South Branch Valley Bar Association, Pendleton County Bar Association, West Virginia Association for Justice, Pendleton County Chamber of Commerce, Pendleton County Farm Bureau, Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association, Franklin Lions Club and a member of the Walnut Street United Methodist Church in Franklin, West Virginia.