East Hardy Girls Wrestlers Seek State Title

East Hardy Girls Wrestling members show toughness wearing black, not pink attire practicing for the upcoming WVSSAC Girls State Wrestling Invitational Tournament being held at Parkersburg South High School this Saturday.

The Cougars will be sending six female wrestlers to compete in this inaugural tournament which has garnered interest from at least 40 participants statewide and there are different weight classes compared to the boys division.

“They all decided to compete on February 8th. I am excited for all of them to be a part of this. SierraMarie has worked for years to compete in something like this. On the other hand we have first year wrestlers who are working hard to get better to represent East Hardy at this event. All of the girls are excited for this and I am excited for them,” East Hardy Wrestling coach Stevie Miller said.

East Hardy Wrestling freshman Gabreanna Miller will be in the 143-lb. class, sophomore Madison Heishman will grapple in the 100-lb. weight class, sophomore Courtney Shank will be in the 161-lb. class, sophomore Victoria Ames will be in the 136-lb. class, junior SierraMarie Miller will be in the 118-lb. class and junior Erin Riggle will be in the 147-lb. class.

There are five competitors in the classes for Heishman, Riggle and both Miller girls in Parkersburg, while four are in the class for Ames and three are competing in Shank’s division.

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