K9 Loka Reports For Duty


Introducing Loka, the newest K9 officer of the Hardy County Sheriffs Office. She is the new partner of Sergeant Brad Short and will be on active patrol rotation throughout Hardy County. She is a Belgian Malinois, a working dog breed that is specialized for detection of odors and tracking. It is the same breed of dog that is used by the Secret Service to patrol the White House grounds.

Loka is imported from the Netherlands, is two years old and has been trained since she was a puppy to be a police dog. Deputy Sergeant Brad Short spent the month of January training with Loka at Shallow Creek Kennels in Sharpsville, Pa.

The training consisted of searching buildings, detecting narcotics, working around vehicles, and tracking through woods and fields. In addition to her drug detection skills, she will be used to track for fugitive recovery and search and rescue.

Her first day of patrol service was Jan. 29.

Sheriff Bryan Ward says, “I am very excited about K9 Loka working with Sgt. Short. Their teamwork is going to be an excellent tool in the fight against illegal drugs in our community.”

The K9 program is funded in large part by the Hardy County Drug Task Force. Hardy Sheriff PIO David Maher says, “Our office would like to thank the Hardy County Prosecutor, Moorefield Police Department, West Virginia State Police, and all of the people in our community that have helped and worked to support this effort.”