Law Enforcement and Schools Help Students Through Trauma

Whether it’s domestic violence or other criminal activity, when law enforcement comes to a home, it’s usually not a social call. When there are school-aged children present, the visit can leave them traumatized, or at the very least, nervous and upset about what’s happened. Going to school the next day can be difficult. Handle With Care makes a difference. 

Handle With Care is a program of the West Virginia Center for Children’s Justice. It is a partnership between the school system and law enforcement to promote a safe and supportive school environment. 

“The program is simple,” said David Maher, Public Information Officer with the Hardy County Sheriff’s Department. “The law enforcement officer informs the Hardy County 911 Center to enter an order to the school or day care facility that the child attends. A report is made to the school with the child’s full name and three words – Handle With Care. We are very careful to protect the privacy of the child and any personal details of the incident.”

According to the WVCCJ website, surveys indicate 60 percent of school-aged children have been exposed to violence, crime or abuse in their home. As many as 40 percent have been the direct victims of two or more violent

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