Many Hardy Countians Voting Via Absentee Ballot

The employees in the Hardy County Clerk’s office have been processing applications for absentee ballots at a breakneck pace. Thankfully, they’ve gotten a respite recently. The requests have dwindled to 30 – 50 per day. 

“In the beginning, it was up to 150 a day,” said Hardy County Clerk Gregg Ely. “We’re glad it’s slowed down a little.”

In March, West Virginia’s Secretary of State Mac Warner announced registered voters could vote via absentee ballot if they had a health concern about the COVID-19 pandemic. The Secretary of State even went so far as to mail absentee ballot applications to every registered voter in the state.

“The Governor, Attorney General, county clerks and I have zealously worked together within state law to balance health concerns with the ease of voting,” Warner said in March. “We have determined that the absentee voting process is the safest method. By sending an absentee application to all registered voters, it encourages voters to participate in

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For questions about absentee voting, go to the WVSOS website or call the Hardy County Clerk’s office at 304-530-0250.