Michael Demands Proof Concerning Floodplain Ordinance, State Official Responds with Threat of Non-Compliance

By Lon Anderson
Moorefield Examiner

It was March 3 when County Planner and Flood Plain Manager, Melissa Scott sat before a meeting of the County Commission and explained that they needed to adopt an updated Flood Plain Ordinance. That was when Commission President Harold Michael began his harangue and demanded proof that Hardy County actually needed to pass the ordinance.

Scott responded that “We have to do this for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).”

She indicated that the agency is requiring the update.

But Michael persisted: “Do we have this in writing? I want to see this in writing.” And a moment later he again demanded: “I want to see, in writing, where we have to do a new ordinance.”

Michael didn’t have to wait long for a definitive answer, but it did not come from Scott. She submitted her resignation that night to take a position in the private sector.

In a memo sent from Charleston on March 17 to

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In addition to passing a motion authorizing those negotiations, the Commissioners also passed several motions giving President Lehman authority to hire consultants as needed, as well as schedule meetings, and oversee the office’s business, as necessary.