Moorefield Council Meets by Telephone

The Moorefield Town Council met April 7 via teleconference, to maximize safety and still conduct business during COVID-19 restrictions.

The Moorefield Police Department responded to 227 calls in March. Officers made two felony arrests, 68 misdemeanor arrests, and 250 traffic warnings and citations.

Police sergeant Kevin Helmick completed his training with K9 Riso on April 10.

Public Works director Lucas Gagnon said Town employees have completed their regular monthly activities, including mowing and cleaning and maintaining equipment.

He asked the Council’s thoughts regarding closing the Town Park completely. Despite restrictions and locking the bathrooms and courts, citizens have repeatedly gathered at the athletic fields.

The Council ultimately agreed to close the Park and block the entrance, although the walking trail will remain open.

“I can make that work,” said Juwana Bridger, the Park manager.

Gagnon and City Clerk Rick Freeman told the Council that 32 letters were sent to people who had not paid their water bills or contacted the Town office to get on a deferred payment plan.

Gagnon said the 32 had been contacted twice, and would be called a third time. They can make a payment, request the deferred payment plan, or risk their water being shut off.

Gagnon said even if their water is terminated, they can opt for the deferred payment plan to get it turned back on.

“If we just let it roll,” Gagnon said, “it just gets harder and harder for them…to pay the bill.”

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The next meeting will be April 21 at 7:00 p.m. The public is welcome to attend; contact the Town Office to determine whether the meeting will be at the Town Hall or via teleconference.