Moorefield Hopes to ‘Cultivate’ Improvement

By Hannah Heishman
Moorefield Examiner

Moorefield has a problem. The town center is no longer the intersection of Main Street and Winchester Avenue; it’s the intersection of Main Street and Corridor H. The only traffic that regularly comes downtown is what’s headed for Pilgrims. Most of it goes no further than Walmart to the north, and Burger King to the south.

Storefronts up and down Main Street are empty. Beautiful, historic buildings are empty and falling apart. Attempts to engage the public in new activities haven’t done well, except on very small scales. Heritage Weekend and Poultry Week struggle to survive.

But Moorefield has new schools. There’s a beautiful, well-used Town Park and community leaders are looking forward, trying to figure out ways to keep young people here, or bring them home after a few years’ gone.

And just a few miles away, Davis and Thomas are both thriving. Just within Hardy County, Wardensville is back from what, a decade ago, looked like death.

Cultivate WV held a Community Kick-off event in Moorefield on Monday, Sept. 10 at the Duffey Methodist Church fellowship hall. Approximately 35 people attended.

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