Mountain Lions Teach Moorefield During Snow Day

The Mountain Lions were thrilled to play basketball on a snow day, giving Moorefield a 79-38 lesson on Wednesday night.

“Imagine that, playing basketball on a snow day. I love it. I love playing basketball on a snow day. I knew we would be coming here today. I wish we could do this every snow day, we love playing basketball on a snow day,” Tucker County Coach Jim Ambrose remarked.

The frigid temperatures froze the rim as the Yellow Jackets (3-7) missed 30 field goals and Tucker County (5-6) hit the rim 41 times, but the Mountain Lions melted the ice with second chance shots and forced 30 turnovers meanwhile only committing seven on the game.

“We have to work harder to get where we need to be at the end of the year. We’re not a very good team right now. We should have been able to break the press all night. We had a lot of turnovers. That’s the most turnovers we’ve had all year. We’re not hitting shots, we’re not taking care of the basketball and we’re not rebounding. That’s the game, so we have to fix it,” Moorefield Coach Scott Stutler commented.

Tucker County scored eight seconds into the game as Wesley Snyder passed to Jeffrey Snyder for a field goal in the paint.
The full court pressure of the Mountain Lions forced Moorefield into a timeout, then Jeffrey Snyder snatched a defensive rebound.

After a travel by Tucker County, the Yellow Jackets missed a shot and Wesley Snyder grabbed the rebound.
Alec Cummings hauled in a loose ball off a tip by Moorefield’s Blake Watts and fed Corrick Ambrose for a basket to take a 4-nil lead at 6:50.

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