The Lady Yellow Jackets defended the Hive with a nine-point halftime advantage, but Southern Garrett found a way to penetrate the honeycomb scoring inside the paint causing it to crumble leading to a 50-48 victory rally on Friday night in Moorefield. “[We] Played good first half. Thought we should haveContinue Reading

Coming off winter break both teams struggled to break the ice on the rims combining for 50 missed field goals with the Yellow Jackets chipping away for a 17-14 halftime lead, but Pendleton County warmed up the hoop with late third quarter shooting as Moorefield became frigid during the WildcatsContinue Reading

Unofficial Results U.S. Senate Patrick Morrisey — 2,460 Joe Manchin, III — 1,870 U.S. House of Representatives Alex Mooney — 2,855 Talley Sergent — 1,418 State Senate Dave Sypolt — 2,755 Stephanie Zucker — 1,613 House of Delegates (Including Pendleton County) Jon Hof — 2,292 (+726) = 3,018 Isaac SponaugleContinue Reading

East Hardy Volleyball utilized good service accuracy to bounce the Lady Wildcats out of the Class A Region II Section 2 semifinal playoff match in straight sets in Baker on Monday: 25-4, 25-14 and 25-11. The Lady Cougars advanced to the Class A Region II Section 2 championship on TuesdayContinue Reading

The Cougars frolicked in the mud and pounced with an uncharacteristic ground attack to devour South Harrison 44-7 in Lost Creek last Friday. East Hardy trudged through the muddy terrain carrying the ball for 272 yards for an effective ground game plan, since the aerial assault wasn’t working with twoContinue Reading

The bridge to Short Gap was surrounded by the Lady Falcons swooping down inundating Moorefield with attacks as Frankfort unleashed a three straight set match victory during senior night last Tuesday: 25-11, 25-10 and 25-9. “Obviously we didn’t play well at all tonight. We didn’t move and we can’t continuouslyContinue Reading

East Hardy Early Middle School tackled its first Potomac Valley League Football Championship in program history with a 26-8 victory over the Pioneers last Wednesday in Baker. Having been the runner-up the last three seasons, the Cougars could taste the victory this time facing Romney Middle School. “It is aContinue Reading

The constant rain created miry conditions as the Wildcats wreak havoc ending Moorefield’s season with a 30-7 victory during senior night last Friday in Franklin. “I was proud of their effort. I thought we fixed some mistakes from last week on the defensive line and in coverage. Give Pendleton CountyContinue Reading

By Jean A. Flanagan Moorefield Examiner The statistics are staggering: • every 26 seconds a kid drops out of high school • 75 percent of prison inmates are high school dropouts • Dropouts cost the US $329 million every year in lost economic opportunity and social services • 80 percentContinue Reading

By Hannah Heishman Moorefield Examiner Moorefield has a problem. The town center is no longer the intersection of Main Street and Winchester Avenue; it’s the intersection of Main Street and Corridor H. The only traffic that regularly comes downtown is what’s headed for Pilgrims. Most of it goes no furtherContinue Reading

East Hardy Volleyball got tangled up in the net as the Lady Yellow Jackets swarmed the courts for a three-set match victory last Thursday in the Hive: 25-5, 25-23, 25-13. “The first game they came out and it’s their homecoming week, so you worry about all the distractions going on.Continue Reading

By Jean A. Flanagan Moorefield Examiner For the past four years Judy Hahn has been begging the Wardensville Council to fix Maple Lane. The unprecedented wet summer has exacerbated the problem and Hahn has had enough. Hahn spoke to the Wardensville Council at the meeting held Tuesday, Oct. 9. “MyContinue Reading