Pilgrims Pride Thanks Firefighters For Service

“We’re here today to honor the men and women of the Moorefield Volunteer Fire Department and all the first responders,” said Allen Collins, Fresh Plant Complex Manager at Pilgrim’s Pride Moorefield. 

Representatives of Pilgrims Pride and the MVFD met for lunch at the newly renovated Bingo Hall on Monday, Nov. 11. Pilgrims presented the volunteer fire department with a donation to cover part of the cost of the renovations.

“There are more than 400 volunteer fire companies in West Virginia and more than 1.3 million firefighters in the United States,” Collins said. “It takes a special breed of person to do what they do and they don’t get paid a dime for it. This doesn’t come close to covering the cost of what they do.”

According to MVFD Chief Mike “Mudduck” Wratchford, members of the MVFD started renovating the Bingo Hall in January.

“We started tearing out the old paneling to put up new insulation and drywall,” he said. “Then we discovered the floor needed replacing and since we didn’t have the money to do that we stopped.

“Then Pilgrims stepped in and paid to have the floor replaced.”

Pilgrim’s Fresh Plant Manager Herman Whetzel said they contacted Precision Flooring to help with the project. “We use them in the plant all the time,” he said.

Visitors to the Bingo Hall will hardly recognize the inside. Newly painted walls and a bright blue floor make the main room feel warm and inviting. 

“It’s great when the industry in the community and the community can work together,” said MVFC President Doug Mongold.