Photo courtesy Steve Pendleton

Planning Commission To Form Committee To Address Ordinance For Mega Farms

“Why don’t we form a committee, made up of citizens, poultry producers, (and) Pilgrims, go over our proposals and make recommendations to the commission?”

Jeffrey Courtney, head of Pilgrim’s Live Operations made the suggestions to the Hardy County Planning Commission at its Nov. 10 meeting. 

The planning commission has been considering an ordinance to regulate agricultural operations growing large numbers of animals. This after a $10 million, 20-house poultry farm is being constructed in Old Fields. 

Currently, zoning ordinances do not require public notice when permit applications for large farms are received by the Planning Office. 

Residents near the “mega” poultry farm say they were blindsided by the news the facility was being constructed near their homes. They contend it will impact their quality of life, resale value of their property and air and water quality.

Planning Commission President Lee Lehman said he received recommendations from Steve Pendleton representing the Concerned Citizens of Old Fields. He also had input from the Berkley Group, a consulting firm hired by the Planning Commission. 

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