PSD Water Projects on Schedule

For years, the residents of Ft. Run and Dover Hollow have relied on well water. Some had to carry potable water to their homes because private wells were not possible. Those practices are about to be history.

Crews have finished installing water lines and meters to the Ft. Run and Dover Hollow communities and water service may be available as early as next month, according to Hardy County Public Service District Executive Director Logan Moyers. 

“The crews have completed the tie-ins on Ft. Run Road and the meters have been installed,” Moyers told the Board of Directors. “Dover Hollow should tie-in next week.”

The PSD Board met via teleconference Wednesday, June 3.

The water extension project also includes replacing an existing water line on the Trout Run Cutoff and installing fire protection water service to Trough Road. 

Contractors have begun to replace an antiquated line on the Trout Run Cutoff.

“We’re holding the Trough Road fire protection line until last,” Moyers said. “That part of the project will entail a water shut-off and we didn’t want to disrupt service for people while they were home during the COVID-19 pandemic. It should start within the next two-three weeks.”

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•The next meeting of the Hardy County PSD will be held on Wednesday, July 1 beginning at 4:30 p.m. The meeting will be held via conference call. Call 304-530-3048 for information to join. The meeting is open to the public.