Repairs, Renovations, Requests for Reimbursement Rule During Moorefield Council

Linda Hatfield approached the Moorefield Town Council at their meeting on Feb. 18 to request assistance with medical and travel costs accrued after she caught her foot on a raised sidewalk and fell. 

The sidewalk was on North Elm Street, alongside the Higgins House and Town’s parking lot.

Hatfield said she broke three teeth and two fingers, split her lip, bruised both knees and skinned both palms. Due to pre-existing medical conditions, she ended up at WVU for medical care.

Hatfield also noted that, despite having sidewalks bordering her property, she was unaware that, as the property owner, she is responsible for maintaining them. 

“I look at all these elderly people who would like to get out to walk, and can’t,” she said, referring to the condition of some sidewalks in Moorefield.

The Council, led by Carol Zuber in Mayor Gary Stalnaker’s absence, agreed to look over her paperwork and get back to her.

Public Works

Public Works Director Lucas Gagnon told the Council he’s waiting on one more bid, giving him four total, for a sewer camera, and will follow up at the next meeting.

The Council approved USDA Draw #6 for the Water Plant Project. The total amount is almost $826,000. Triton Construction will receive $796,059.06, and Gwin Dobson & Foreman will receive

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The next meeting is Tuesday, March 3 at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall. The public is invited to attend.