Sheriff’s Dept.Announces Changes to Procedures

Please follow Hardy County E-911 and the Hardy County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook for updates. 

We will also give updates via the Moorefield Examiner and WELD. Area Law Enforcement is committed to keeping the rule of law and peace during these challenging times.

To maintain effective emergency services, Hardy County Sheriff’s Office is implementing some temporary measures to keep pace with the level of statewide efforts to assist the general public health during this national state of emergency:

  1. Voluntary fingerprinting services are suspended
  2. VIN verification requests are suspended
  3. General office services such as copies of reports, criminal background checks or general requests for information are offered on the phone or email. No in person general public visits are permitted.
  4. In the event that staffing shortages reduce office presence, requests for investigations or to report criminal activity should be left on the agency website or department main office phone. We will also respond to messages on Facebook for non-emergency only.
  5. Crimes in progress or emergency situations/ incidents should continue to be made through the 911 system.
  6. General requests for information / guidance can be obtained though calling the office or visiting our website at
  7. Deputies will be practicing social distancing and may be wearing masks and/or gloves depending on the situation.

If you can use the phone or email to ask a question, please do so. Please visit or call the appropriate County office for help over the phone to minimize visits in person.