The Stricklers Are Community Service People of the Year

Carolyn Stricklor

“Boredom is not in my vocabulary,” Carolyn Strickler said. “If you literally can’t find anything to do, there’s always a book to read.”

Carolyn and her daughter, Kriston Strickler are the 2020 Hardy County Chamber of Commerce Service People of the Year. While it’s unusual to honor two people at one time, it’s almost impossible to separate the good deeds this dynamic duo have done and continue to do for the community. 

“I was raised to help others and I hope I’ve raised my children that way,” Carolyn said. “My mom and dad were givers. That’s how we were raised.”

Kriston Strickler

“I remember my grandfather would plant sweet corn,” Kriston said. “We’d pick the corn and go to town and he would give it away to family and friends. He’d never sell it.

“We were raised to make your community better.”

“I really got started in PTA,” Carolyn said. “My kids were five years apart, so I was in PTA for a long time.”

Moorefield Elementary School used to have a Halloween Carnival, which turned into a Fall Festival. Carolyn directed the activities for 13 years.

“I was also active in church,” she said of Believer’s Victory Center. “When we found out people were sick, we took meals to them. It didn’t matter if they were members of the church or not.”

Carolyn volunteers for the BVC’s Backpack Program. There are many children in Hardy County who don’t get enough to eat at home. Volunteers fill bags of nutritious food for children in Hardy County schools to take home over the weekend. 

“I got Kristy involved in PHAR and she got me involved in Heritage Weekend,” Carolyn said.

PHAR is Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue and is something very close to Carolyn and Kris’s hearts.

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