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Wardensville Resident Suggests Lease With CVB Invalid

By Jean A. Flanagan
Moorefield Examiner


A lease between the Hardy County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and the Town of Wardensville may not be valid, according to resident Betsy Orndoff-Sayers.
Orndoff-Sayers addressed the Wardensville Town Council at their regular meeting on Monday, Feb. 12.

The Wardensville Town Council entered into a five-year lease with the CVB in November 2016. The lease provides the CVB space in the Conference & Visitors Center, 301 Main St. in Wardensville.

“A contractor who was doing some work for me recently asked me if I knew about what was going on at the visitor’s center,” Orndoff-Sayers said. “He said he was asked to bid on a job to remove the wainscoting, replace it with some metal, and painting.”

Orndoff-Sayers produced a copy of the lease, which she said was entered into without the town council’s approval.

“I remember in 2016, the then-mayor said the lease was for a year,” Orndoff-Sayers said. “The lease is for five years. The minutes from the November 7, 2016 meeting says the lease was discussed, but never voted on.”

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