Welcome Banners Hung on Lampposts

“Welcome to Moorefield” banners greet residents and visitors on Main Street, thanks to a project initiated by the Hardy County Chamber of Commerce and supported by local businesses.

A letter to chamber members requesting support of a Beautification Project for the county was sent in August. “We’re starting a pilot project in Moorefield with hopes of expanding to Wardensville and Lost River,” the letter said.

The project entails the Welcome to Moorefield banners and flowering baskets in the spring. The flower baskets and banners will alternate lamp posts on Main Street from Town Run Road to Washington Street.

Numerous businesses sponsored banners, including Pilgrim’s Pride, Summit Community Bank, Capon Valley Bank, South Fork Pharmacy, Grant County Bank, State Farm Insurance, Town of Moorefield, Envirco, South Branch Animal Hospital, Fraley Funeral Home, Moorefield Examiner and Kessel CPA and Associates.

The Moorefield Volunteer Fire Department helped install the banners.