Yellow Jackets Cast Net Over Petersburg

Much akin to catching fish, the Yellow Jackets used a net to capture the Vikings during last Monday’s adventure into Petersburg covering the volleyball court with a four-set victory: 26-24, 25-23, 20-25, 25-21.

“We came out and got the first two. We got the first two and dropped number three. We were careless and not moving together, so there were some little things. When you look at the paper, we’ve got to get serves in. That is so important and we missed a decent amount of serves and that is something we will work on to carry to our next match in Frankfort,” Moorefield coach Morgan Hill commented.

“We had a bunch of people working in and out today to get the win and it took a total team effort to do it. One of our early big goals this season was to be a team. It takes a team to win. We will put this one behind us and move on to the next one.”

Petersburg took an 8-1 lead before being tangled up by the Yellow Jackets with some kills from Kimberly Minnich and aces served up by Aaliyah Goldizen.

An attack by Petersburg’s Chassitty Stump was saved and returned by Moorefield’s Lauren Arbaugh and the Vikings couldn’t redirect the volley back as a rally started.

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