Yellow Jackets Hop Puddles To Tie Berkeley Springs

Rain during the afternoon created puddles on the tennis courts, but the Yellow Jackets brushed off the water with their wings and jumped up to hit the ball for a tie against Berkeley Springs on Tuesday.

Moorefield Girls Tennis edged the Lady Indians 4-3, while the Berkeley Springs Boys Tennis needed a tiebreaker set to secure the victory over the Yellow Jackets to even the overall matches.

“We are doing okay. We keep on improving during each match. Having all this rain means we have had more games than practices. We need to work on our drills,” Moorefield Tennis Coach Traci Eskridge Alley commented.

The sun came out from behind the clouds as the girls doubles matches commenced the competition.

Berkeley Springs No. 1 Girls Doubles of Dalas Carder and Natalie Hashem started with effective volleys to garner a 6-1 advantage, but Moorefield’s Haley Gallahan and Cara Jo Long refused to fold and rallied for an 8-6 tiebreaker victory.

Gallahan and Long knew what it would take to make the comeback, encouraging each other with taps of the racquets and communicating during each volley to coincide with precision serves and returns that have stamped success this season.

“We were overconfident to start the match. We thought we would roll right past Berkeley Springs, but they came out doing really well. They played better than we expected. We calmed down and started to talk with each other. We started to rally by playing our game, hitting the ball in the right spots and waited on their mistakes. We will come out ready to play at the PVC,” Moorefield junior Cara Jo Long remarked.

Moorefield Girls Tennis No. 2 Doubles of Kim Miller and Kristin Duncan fought hard against the Lady Indians, but Lizzy Langenstein and Leah Reed collected the win 8-6.

Duncan always appeared poised for each serve-receive, standing with her racquet up in the air and Miller was alert at the net.

Miller showed how she could fly, leaping up to make hits approaching the net and the communication helped when a volley went awry as Duncan was there to make backhand returns.

Both made good placements on serves, keeping the ball in play to make Berkeley Springs work for points.

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