Yellow Jackets Volleyball Buzzing to Return to State Play

Safety has been a top priority as the Yellow Jackets make sure the protocols for the current pandemic are followed and it may seem the security blanket of having eight seniors graduate with state tournament experience would leave gaps and that isn’t the case as the solid foundation built last year has blossomed within the ranks to give enough power for Moorefield Volleyball to seek a seventh consecutive trip to Charleston.

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“We are doing the best we can to take what we normally spread out the entire season and cram everything together right now, because we don’t know if we will be able to continue. We are trying to make it as fun and memorable as we can, because you just don’t know. The returning girls are excited. They were worried all summer whether or not they would be able to do this and now that they are here on the floor, they are loving every minute of it. This is the most I have seen the older girls really helping the younger girls understand and make the transition. The team bonding has been really good and have been doing so much extra stuff. They’re just having fun with it. We will be able to handle our own this year. You never want to compare one team to another. We have different strengths and weakness compared to last year which we will work on daily. We will take it day by day and hour by hour as things keep changing,” Coach Hill See concluded.